Why designer cakes are expensive?

Updated: Apr 15, 2019

Ever wonder why customised cakes are much expensive than ordinary cakes, let us put into words and get you clear picture of its insights. Cakes are accessible in every near and far, normal bakeries will have a standard batter and common ingredients with nominal quality to meet their demand, but how you will make your day extra-ordinary with ordinary cake. Here comes Vineela Yadlapalli designer cake boutique to bake customised unique cake to make your day enduring with high honours graduation in world’s prestigious schools, Vineela Yadlapalli gives customised theme cake made with high quality ingredients. Designer cake is meant for its creativity, it requires time to understand your theme and idea to create a master piece.

We spend most of your costs on finest quality ingredients which tastes delicious, invest in tools to create perfect detailing, every new theme requires specific tools to get the job done and the most important is to spend on man power, the precious outcomes requires numerous man hours of work. An artistic sugary flower craves skills of cutting, wiring, shaping and colouring which consumes couple of hours. Sharp edges with clean lines and smooth finish absorbs plenty of hours. After handcrafting every detail, we organise and ends the process with dusting food pigments and taping to get the master piece cake.

Take a closer look

Our picture-perfect cake says our time and effort for your price. We assure to give the best of what you have imagined for your memorable day which is priceless.

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